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Thiamin is also known as Vitamin B1 or thiamine. Thiamin is naturally found from some food source such as whole grains, legumes, and some meats and fish. It is also get manufactured as a dietary supplement and medication. Thiamin is manufactured in different forms such as crystal powder, tables, and capsule. It can be easily soluble in water but not get completely in the alcohol. Thiamine is not generated in the human body it consumes through food source or from dietary supplements. Thiamin plays an important role in energy metabolism and in growth and development of functional cells. Deficiency of thiamin cause short-term memory loss, weight loss, and anorexia and other mental signs.

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The main Driver of thiamin market is the deficiency of thiamin in human which may cause confusion, weight loss, memory loss or also symptoms of week muscles or cardiovascular in the body. These problems are faced by each and every individual all over the world. It might be due to a change in lifestyle or change in eating habits. This factor helps the thiamin market to grow in the current period as well as in the forecasted period. Therefore currently there are not many people who are aware of this deficiency in their body. Which may cause the low demand of thiamin as a dietary supplement.

Low awareness about the deficiency causing the restraint for the market player to capture the consumers, But this can be overcome by creating awareness about the benefit of thiamin for such kind of problems. The rising number of health-conscious people all over the world also leads to an increase in the demand for health supplements and thiamin is one of the best ingredients in dietary supplements. This increasing demand for dietary supplements from the health-conscious people and the people who are in the professions of bodybuilding leads to drive the market thiamin because thiamin is used in the dietary supplements industry.

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Some of the major manufacturers and suppliers operating in the global Thiamin market are HUAZHONG PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD., DSM, BASF Human Nutrition, Tianjin Golden World Group, Xinfa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Brother Enterprises Holding Co.Ltd., Nutricost, McCartan’s Pharmacies, Fortune Health Care this are some players who are enjoying the large demand from the aware consumers with lucrative growth in their business. There is a wide scope for the new players to enter into the thiamin market.

Thiamin market is full of opportunity in the current scenario. Increasing demand for dietary supplement by health-conscious people and high consumption level help the market to generate the opportunity for the thiamin market player to increase their sales in the dietary supplement market. Also, the deficiency of thiamin causes many problems to the human Such as Diabetes, Heart failure, Alzheimer’s disease (death of neurons, plaque formation, loss of memory, and changes in glucose metabolism this all are the developer of Alzheimer). To fight with such disease before it gets to the next level consumer need to start the intake of thiamin through food or through dietary supplements.

This characteristic of thiamin helps to create more opportunity for the players in the market and help to increase their sales. Currently, there is less number of players in the thiamin market which shows the opportunity for the new player to enter into the market with new marketing strategy or the promotional activity to make people aware about thiamin benefits.

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